Meet me on the Other Side

Hello God,

I have never met them, because they live on the other side.

I can hear them in the distance. They are taking steps for me. They are discussing my life and how they want my freedom. I do not know them, but soon, they will ‘Meet me on the other side.’

They are very kind people Lord, and I understand that they will not stop—until I am free. They are strong and want to “Meet me on the other side.”

More are joining and now I hear that there is an army coming to help me gain my freedom to ’Meet me on the other side.’

I can hardly wait to see their faces, and when I do I think I will see the kindest eyes and the most gentle smiles to ’Meet me on the other side.’

Dear God, help them to continue to fight for me, and not forget we are appointed by destiny to ‘Meet me on the other side.’

The days pass but one day very soon they will ‘Meet me on the other side.’

Until then I listen and I wait…quietly hoping they will “Meet me on the other side.”

A slave…

FREEDOM WALK – Saturday, August 21, 2010 Rancho Cucamonga

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Prayer written by: Bernalee


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Almost Missed

Fascinated with those things in life that are almost missed, unless we pay close attention. Sometimes the most joy comes in the details. My granddaughter's eyelashes, my grandson's birthmark, my daughters sight, both my son's passion for the homeless...those things we are privileged to know when we take the time to look!