The Adventure Will Come Little One

We all stood so quietly at attention, holding hands with each other while gazing at him. There he was, this tiny little brown baby with big brown eyes and lots of curly hair. A tiny nose, no teeth, pudgy hands and million dollar ears – laying very still just as my mother had placed him, wrapped tightly in his blanket. He looked at us and we looked at him, staring, waiting for him to do something. Soon his little brown eyes closed and he went to sleep. As if instructed we carefully backed up from the beautifully decorated bassinet, making sure to remain as quiet as possible. While stepping back on the wooden floors our shoes made little noises but for the most part we remained silent. When we reached the back door, after passing through the kitchen, we ran making our way outside to play. We were very excited about this new baby, but he was sleeping and that was no fun.

Many days as time passed, we would visit him in his Bassinet and watch intently for a new sign of activity. Sometimes he would smile, coo, toot, and even reach his hand out to us as if to ask us to take him somewhere. And of course, after he peed, he would grin ever so slighty,

As the days passed and he grew, he became much more active and soon he was chasing us, dancing with us, eating with us and hiding from us. We loved him and were very glad to have him in our family. Before him, our family boasted of three girls and one boy, which at the time seemed plenty. When this little boy came home from the hospital we were very happy and proud. Finally, an ally for my brother. After all, they were both going to contend with we three girls, nicknamed “The Three Musketeers!” Besides, our mom was again paying so much attention to the two little ones, that she didn’t catch we girls doing our shenanigans!

All the children would play together in the house and back yard for hours in the day, especially on the weekends. Hearing the neighbors caused us to want to venture to the streets to play our games with them. As soon as we finished our homework or chores we took off running to play with the kids our age. Sometimes the littlest one would stand at the door and with his sad eyes, plead with us to take him with us. Unfortunately, he was too small yet, and might get hurt in the street, and mom would not allow for that!

On a particular day, I saw a sad look in his eyes when we were walking away, skipping toward all the fun. I sent the others on and turned around wanting to help him understand. I went back to the porch and sat down and tried to explain to him that “one day” he would be able to leave the porch, then the yard and explore the world outside of his home! “Timmy”, I would say, “There are so many amazing things out there for you to see, experience, study and learn about! And very soon, you will grow up and be strong and your greatest adventures will begin.” His eyes would brighten as if he could visualize this dream and he slowly let go of my hand until I returned later when it was getting dark to eat dinner with our family.

One day this little inventive guy decided it was time for him to venture out, so he hid himself in the back of the station wagon of my parents car under a blanket. He was very quiet and they drove off waving at all of us thinking that he was safely sleeping in his bed with his brother during nap time. Awhile later (seemed like eternity) my parents came home to frantic sisters, giving us the news that he was with them! That day ended up being an adventure for all of us, and the little one was told not to do that ever again!

Well, the little boy finally grew and became a man. Today he travels throughout the world, leaving his home, porch and yard most days – visiting many people and countries; tasting of their foods, and hearing their stories. He takes this adventure on behalf of telling people everywhere about the great adventure possibilities that await for them out there! And you know what, they listen and believe him. Planes, trains and automobiles as well as an occasional scooter take him to places where he has not yet been. He is very brave and seemingly tireless as he continues to travel, counting the countries, numbers of people encounters and miles traveled. There seems to be no stopping him; after all, to him it may seem that the wait to begin his adventure was endless, standing on that porch, so sad, so very long ago.

Today, it is my hand that has to let go as he journeys, but one thing remains – I love him, I watch him and enjoy his activity!


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