May we mind our steps

As you step, they watch
As you laugh, they hope
As you cry, they fear
As you hurt, they are sorry
As you complain, they feel to blame
As you gossip, they begin to hate
As you run, they cheer
As you love, they feel secured
As you feed them, they are full
As you touch, they feel your strength
As you pray, they believe with you
As you hold on, they feel brave
As you set standards, they build properly
As you choose to learn, they become students
May we mind our steps for the next generation, as their journey will be  “real life”.


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Collection of Thoughts

Almost Missed

Fascinated with those things in life that are almost missed, unless we pay close attention. Sometimes the most joy comes in the details. My granddaughter's eyelashes, my grandson's birthmark, my daughters sight, both my son's passion for the homeless...those things we are privileged to know when we take the time to look!