Berna Lee

Fascinated in the beginning

Since I was a little girl, the first born in a family of five children ~ all things around me were fascinating. Often, our family would drive in the early evenings when the sun was setting, and the lights of the residential neighborhood my dad chose to visit were being turned on. We would look into the windows and have fun making up stories about the people and their families that we saw while quickly peeking. When a person was closed up and private, afraid to share of their thoughts, dreams or practices, it puzzled me. Don’t they realize how interested I am about them? I believe we want to be known, and because of this belief, I more often than I prefer, listen to stories about those who don’t feel known, loved, appreciated or regarded in their life experience. This blog is for the “almost missed” portion of the most fascinating and interesting people, places and things to ME!


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Collection of Thoughts

Almost Missed

Fascinated with those things in life that are almost missed, unless we pay close attention. Sometimes the most joy comes in the details. My granddaughter's eyelashes, my grandson's birthmark, my daughters sight, both my son's passion for the homeless...those things we are privileged to know when we take the time to look!

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