A New Sister in the House

In just a couple of months, I was going to turn three years old. I was already talking very well, and had lots of questions about anything new that made its way into my young life. Then a big surprise came to my house on December 15th, ten days before Christmas – my little sister was born. She was bald, soft, and a bit pink. Wow, the whole house was buzzing about her arrival, and mommy was having lots of visitors to see the new little one. Viola and I – the two sisters thrilled to add a third. Let’s see – one (that’s me), two – (that’s Viola) and three – (that’s Paige)! Yeah…one, two, three! Perfect, for those were my favorite numbers at the time.

I would sit close to little sister; stroke her hand or forehead very softly, trying to get her attention. I wanted to explain (in my 3 yr. old monologue) to her about Christmas. I was so excited about the event coming to our house any minute so it seemed. But the only response I seemed to muster was a gurgle, and a flutter of those long black eyelashes. Well, for now she is mostly sleeping, eating and ugh, you know!

I was surely a bit frustrated that she arrived just in time to get excited with Viola and I about our new Christmas Tree, our cousins visiting, and of course…the presents, but she still just slept, ate and you know – again! Come on little one, open your eyes so you can see all that is going on around you. There was talk of turkey dinner, wrapping, shopping, Christmas music and lots of neighborhood kids out of school. Viola and I would peek out of our dining room window, wishing for the day when we could join in on the laughter, games and fun.

One day I asked my mommy some questions about our new little sister; “Mommy, how fast can little Paige grow?” “Is she going to come to Christmas?” “Will she be able to open her presents?” So many questions from an anxious first-born, anticipating the big celebration. Each day, I would visit her on either mommy’s bed or at her beautiful bassinet – peering over her like a discerning mother eagle – looking for a sign of any growth or excitement about our Christmas. It was right around the corner and she had only really looked my way once and only for a split second! Hey, she doesn’t seem even a bit excited about our Christmas! Viola and I played each day, listening and watching for any sign from mom and dad that Christmas was finally here!

Little sister Paige did come to Christmas, got lots of love and attention, even received some presents (that the grownups opened for her), and she did finally open her eyes and stare at the lights on the tree! By that time, Viola and I were saturated in Christmas presents, decorations, cousins and food we liked (sure I loved mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes at that age). Little sister would have to enjoy herself with mom and dad, as now I and sister Viola were busy playing, jumping, giggling and enjoying pumpkin pie! Merry Christmas little sister, sure hope you can join us next year!

Paige Junaeus

Today Paige thoroughly enjoys Christmas – the decorations, the family, the music and the food! We join together as a family – hers and mine – celebrating His birth each year. Her eyes are wide open now, seeing all the beautiful facets of Christ’s birth, love and his sacrifice. She has also opened her heart, and now she is the one who wants to know if those she cares about will celebrate Christmas and all it means. Traveling to Europe, visiting homes, and ministering in churches – she anxiously waits for someone to open their eyes and their heart so that they can enjoy the true Christmas message – each and every day of the year. She has a full head of hair, is no longer pink, still soft and of course has long black eyelashes. The cool thing now is that her eyes are wide open! Her heart, saturated in His love, His provision and His care ventures toward people, family and friends with His gifts! So glad you could join us for Christmas! I love you very much and rejoice in being your sister.


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  1. Michelle Tafoya
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 16:24:06


    I love this. Thank you for taking me down your childhood path with you through this article. For a minute there I closed my eyes and thought that I was there with you. I too have a sister and appreciate the love that you put into sharing this…

    Thank you for sharing.


    • almostmissed
      Aug 05, 2010 @ 16:30:03

      Wow, you read that fast…and slowly. Thank you for your comment. I wrote this last year for Paige, but I wanted to repost for the young mothers who struggle with a new child coming in the the family. In patience, love and certainly a watchful eye, siblings can “meld” together, becoming friends – when each is understood and accepted (and parents don’t get in the way :)).


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